the big plan

I’m aiming to help all Earthlings be more free to be their best possible selves — physically, emotionally, intellectually, and philosophically — and the way I hope to do that is to build a global network of community hubs where the goal is to support the basic physical needs of all the individuals in the community (starting with humans and working out from there) using the most brilliant elements of the community, the exceptional homo sapiens brain. Our brains, when well cared for, have the ability to envision all four dimensions: from the beginning of time to the end of time, and throughout all of space, encompassing the universe/multiverse! But up to now far too much of that brain potential has been wasted serving anti-social, backwards-aiming corporate and government bureaucracies and their mind-numbing media minions. So my goal is to create a culture that promotes and supports the redirecting of our precious brain power towards taking better care of our brains, so that human thinking can flourish and be free to expand even further into our amazingly complex and fascinating reality. And, hopefully, this will also help other species — be they animal, vegetable, and/or mineral (friendly AI anyone?) — be able to be their best as well.

The plan is to start with a small collection of “CREATE Spaces”, a.k.a., Community Resource Exchange: Art, Technology, and Education Spaces. Individual CREATE Spaces focus on using abundant resources in innovative ways to serve the needs of the people in the community, freely and unconditionally, so that everyone has the opportunity to become their best possible selves, and the community can become more resilient and prosperous.

Each space can be radically different, and will ideally be focused on increasing access to whichever specific resources the individual community needs the most using the unique interests and skills brought to the table by the particular resident artists, technologists, and educators who happen to be living in, or visiting, the space. Imagine if the Princeton Center for Advanced Studies, Burning Man, and WOOFing procreated and made a stunningly beautiful and brilliant child! (The WOOF organization is a global collection of organic farms freely hosting travelers in exchange for helping out on the farm.)

Each space will eventually be like a continuous creative event where folks can choose to become residents, or just visit, and everyone will be welcome to stay for free as long as they need help or want to contribute to the creative efforts in some way. The spaces will be as self sustaining as possible (and operate without money whenever possible) using available/donated resources to serve the needs of the spaces and those who use them.

Oh, and feel free to add some buses, boats, trains, and other mobile CREATE spaces to the mix!


For more information, wander around this site, and then contact me at TheWiseTurtle on with your ideas, questions, and support!




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