help CREATE!

In the short-to-medium term, my initial goals for getting this project off and running include:
• a website for organizing groups/network
• coding a readily searchable and browsable database on the website for sharing solutions/questions/art/whatever produced by the project
• finding donations of locations/property for a few start-up spaces
• finding committed, creative types to be residents in the initial spaces
• ???forming an official non-profit???? (benefits: donations are tax deductible, we don’t have to pay taxes, easier to get grants, etc.; downsides: top-down, not global?, can’t do political stuff, more bureaucracy!)

And the things I specifically need help with right now are:

• hosting a website
• word of mouth to generate support/interest
• decision-making on whether to form a non-profit
• making the idea presentable/understandable to more mainstream audiences (for participants, for zoning/permission, for support, etc.)

And, of course, there is always room for brilliant folks like yourself to add ideas and awesomeness to the goal and plan!

To help out, contact me, Turil Cromburg, at TheWiseTurtle on  Or comment on the blog here.  Or subscribe to the blog by clicking on the small + symbol at the very bottom of this page.

Or, join the conversation about CREATE Spaces over on Reddit’s “Reddit to the Rescue community”!


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