good stuff in = good stuff out


Much of this project is based on the patterns of growth in human consciousness and motivation. These patterns were especially popularized by Abraham Maslow back in the middle of the 20th century with his hierarchy of needs pyramid. If you’re curious about these needs and the levels of development that they are attached to, take a look at what I call Maslow 2.0, over on website.

Essentially, we humans have four basic levels of thinking and feeling, physical, emotional, intellectual, and philosophical/spiritual. These correspond to the awareness of the state of health of first person (physical), second person (emotional), third person (intellectual), and fourth person (philosophical/spiritual). As our needs are met for the lower levels, we start to become focused on the next higher level, so that we start to care about the individuals around us more and more broadly, eventually, at fourth person awareness (philosophical/spiritual), coming to focus on the health of all beings in all four dimensions of space~time. (Note that how well our needs are being met changes constantly, so we usually move up and down the levels of motivation, and awareness, many, many times a day, and possibly even every few minutes.)

The ultimate goal of the global network of CREATE Space is to help all humans (and any other animal, vegetable, and/or mineral people who want to participate) be able to get what they need to be able to achieve that fourth person, philosophical/spiritual, state of consciousness as often as possible.

And we can start to do that by using our highest levels of consciousness that we have available, right now, to look around us and creatively consider how we might be able to use the resources that are available to us in the moment to meet the needs we have now and in the future…



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